Mr. Sanjay Jalan

Executive Director

Being the Executive Director Mr. Sanjay Jalan takes hold of all operation portfolio of the company. His expertise encompasses marketing, leasing, customer service, human resources, training, and corporate administration. Under his leadership, CSC has consistently achieved industry-leading occupancy.

He plays a pivotal role in the Development of CSC's vital systems, particularly our Real Estate Leasing Administration and Marketing system. Working with MD, Mr. Sanjay Jalan developed the initial flowcharts for growth of CSC – that has been a driving force in the success of the company as a whole.

He joined Jain College Hostel as a Management Trainee. He holds the highest level of seniority and is the cofounder of CSC with a total span of over 15 years in student housing. In his early days, he mastered himself in property management and legal aspects for the company as law is his forte. With his watchful eyes on the team, the company is striving to become a major force in the student housing in the country.  

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