Operations & Maintenance

Cleanliness Hygiene

A healthy environment is necessary if we want to stay healthy. Cleanliness & hygiene are the two side of same coin and at Campus Students Communities it’s a major thrust area. It helps in care and controls of the property, ensuring its maintenance, usage and appearance. Negligence in this area will be detrimental to health of the students and employees and therefore housekeeping is a permanent activity at our Student Housing. Well equipped Janitors are appointed who takes care of the mopping, dusting, washroom cleaning which is an everyday affair.

Repair & Maintenance

At Campus Students Communities, we provide you with a variety of Repair & Maintenance services that simplify your everyday living. It is ensured that routine maintenance should never be neglected, therefore our maintenance team is always on toes. We try our optimum best to keep the student housing in a good state, however in order to report any maintenance, repair or any sort of faulty the students can register their complaints 24/7 on CSC Student App.

Safety & Security

Students are provided with lockable cupboards, everyone is requested to keep their rooms locked and hand over the keys only to the respective Wardens. Our Wardens are vigilant at all times and keep a hawk’s eye on proceedings which ensures that nothing untoward occurs. Visitors are required to give their respective details and are restricted to common area. Security Guards are posted round the clock to safeguard our students. CCTV & Biometric impression system have also been installed to keep a track on everyone’s movement in & out of the Student Housing Campus.

Off Campus Laundry

The students are facilitated with quick, clean and hygienic off Campus Laundry service with an industrial grade washing machines; every care is taken to provide the best facilities for students who stay away from their homes. “Self Laundry” is a big problem for students, when they are busy with their studies, and extracurricular activities. We at Campus Students Communities provide laundry service with 3 Days Pick & Drop of clothes at an additional cost.

Wi-Fi & Internet

Communication is most important key to leadership success. Our Student Housing is well equipped with the latest Wi-Fi systems. To ensure the usage of internet is more for productive and education purpose we have installed fire walls & servers at the Housing Campus, which help us in tracking everyone’s activity. We also have association with the leading telecom company to provide our students with mobile connect.

Transportation Facility

At Campus Students Communities, we have well knit arrangement of transportation system and the students are free to avail complimentary transportation facility. We have complementary to & fro pick and drop facility for our students to Hospital Railway Station, Bus Stand and Nearest Airport Bus Terminal. The students are required to register their plan of journey using the CSC Student App or Web portal.

Medical Aid & Cashless Medi-Claim

Due to various changes in lifestyle, adoptability, climate, eating habits, living conditions etc., one normally feels mental or physical pressure. Our vehicles are 24/7 available for any medical emergency. Presence of Parents or Local Guardian is mandatory in case of serious illness. At our Student Housing we keep trying to improve our services for the comfort and well being of everyone. Our Student Housing is first of its kind to initiate compulsory Cashless Medi-Claim for the benefit of the students. We have tie ups with leading Hospitals of the City.

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