Our Investors

CSC's commitment towards shareholders

The foundation of CSC is laid on integrity, transparency, ethics and highest governance standards. The principles are based on these and a leap could be taken from N R Narayana Murthy, founder of Infosys, E. Sreedharan also known as the Metro Man and the force through which Indigo is built by Rakesh Gangwal &Rahul Bhatia.

Commitment towards the shareholder will be towards increasing their investment and the returns earned would be more than the earnings from fixed deposit, private bonds or any other similar investments.

We foresee a long term business model with continue cash flow so that the shareholders can benefit from it. Once the company is profitable and is not able to see any great opportunity to invest somewhere else it will be given to shareholders as dividend. We also believe the surplus could be used to buy back the shares. As and when we scale up and roll out for more growth, CSC would be controlled by board of directors, honorary board, advisory board and the Management Committee. These are the people who would be responsible to take the company towards success year on year.

Long Term vision and milestones to reach the vision in a measured way -

A long term vision is to have the best in class student housing in Indian domain where in convenience, comfort, best of food, facilities are followed as per government norms. To reach the milestones of our vision we need to work stronger on our functional heads. Working strongly on backend operations and frontend operations. The milestones can be reached smoothly if we have these 5 things in place and if we are nearest to the extent of 9.5 out of 10. Which are as follows -

  1. People -Most important thing for any organization is people. If you are able to identify the right people to work on the organization’s objective half of the work is done.
  2. Innovation: Innovation is the most important ingredient for the success of the organization. We are apart of a commodity business and how to differentiate ourselves from others is we have to understand that what are those small innovation that we can bring in food, in facility, infrastructure, training to the unskilled labourer’s, in managing the senior people, mid-level managers, etc.
  3. Technology usage - Outsourcing the things which is not our core. Managing such a huge database would be challenging. Analytics would be an important tool in understanding the psychology of the universities, the parents, the students who are also our customers. It will be a process which we will have to take care again and again.
  4. Transparency - Transparency with University partners, with students, with parents, in fact with all the stakeholders.
  5. Culture - It should be lean and we should identify people who want to follow their passion and dreams and they should be satisfied working with us. Our milestone is 1,00,000 students in next 10 years which will be a combination of 60% on-campus and 40% off-campus in which 80% would be on-campus asset light and 20% on-campus asset heavy(BOOT). Off campus would be bifurcated into 50% light lease that is brownfield and 50% on asset heavy that is Greenfield.

What you promised to the shareholders on risk management

We will maintain a disciplined approach of balancing the debt equity ratio. We will not exaggerate and leverage the growth if we are not able to foresee any kind of commitments from the universities. Maintain books in organized format, have control on money, our planning should be solid, keep the records good and to discuss with seniors as and when required. Be cash conscious, ensure key people are accountable, not to complicate things, prioritize the risk involved, communicate about risks.

How you look at growth vs profitability conundrum

Each business unit should be profitable and the surplus money should be reinvested for growth. Since the realization of cash flows sometimes can be long term so proper accountability should be evaluated and accordingly books of accounts should be maintained. Each and every individual working on the project should understand the value they are going to create once the project is over and it starts generating revenue.

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