Food & Nourishment

"Campus Students Communities" firmly believes in ‘GOOD FOOD GOOD MOOD’ and thus made it as one of its prime objectives. CSC always keeps residents’ dietary and calorific requirements in consideration. Therefore special emphasis is given on weekly menu which is engineered by experienced chefs in consultation with dieticians/nutritionists considering the below-mentioned factors: 1. Seasonal Availability, 2. Type of Meal, 3. Students’ Choices, 4. Calorific Count, 5. Nutritional Count, 6. High-risk Vegetables, 7. Cuisine Type, 8. Quality of Ingredients

Consultation with Nutritionist/Dietician:Students’ health is our utmost priority. Due to various changes in lifestyle, students’ eating habits are changing. CSC has a team of dietary experts and nutritionist to whom Students can consult to discuss their eating habits.

To ensure GOOD MOOD, CSC organizes several events & activities with active participation from students such as:

  • Theme based Food Fiesta & Festival: Regularly on special occasions
  • Food Committee comprising of students and CSC staff
  • Culinary Competition
  • Students Excursion Programs (nominal charges apply)
  • Theme based Food presentation & Training by celebrity chefs

Our Food

We at CSC, are particular in maintaining checks while the food is being cooked or served at the dining. The dining caters to all the food & nutritional requirements of the students. The menu for all meal sessions is changed regularly to provide variety and wholesome nourishment.

The meals include fresh milk, cheese, variety of green vegetables, beans, cereals, rice, chapattis, ice-cream, special dishes and a variety of fruits etc. Besides breakfast, lunch and dinner, light and nutritious snacks are provided twice a day-before noon and in the evening at tea time. With the regular Indian food, Continental, Chinese, South Indian, and other regional cuisines of foods are served occasionally to give students a change of taste.

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