CSC- Food Festival

CSC- Food Festival

The street food culture perfectly sums up how much students love food. CSC’s motto was to focus on different styles of cooking, sensational mix of flavors and ingredients with local techniques to create versions of tempting dishes that are deliciously satisfying.

Banners and ads of the event provide us a great exposure and the opportunities to connect with every hostelites. Students get to learn about our services and expertise, and we get to learn about Students’ interests and their personalities and also what are they passionate on.

On top of all that, it’s always a great to spend time with the students!
CSC offers several opportunities to connect among students and also with CSC corporates. This type of event allows having face to face interaction with students to know much more about their interests.

The ‘CSC food festival’ made students to spend their time with their loved ones and also to enjoy music and lightning arrangement and many fun activities. CSC organized this event with the consideration of “Good Food Good Mood” & “Peace of Mind”.

Attendee Demographic Information

Hostels Age Gender Status Educational Background
SDR 18-23 BOYS Students Graduates
JPN-B 18-23 BOYS Students Graduates
MRC-B 18-23 BOYS Students Graduates
ASP 18-23 BOYS Students Graduates
LBH 18-23 BOYS Students Graduates
CMP-B 18-23 BOYS Students Graduates
GPN-G 18-23 GIRLS Students Graduates
JPN-G1 18-23 GIRLS Students Graduates
RR 18-23 GIRLS Students Graduates
CMP-G 18-23 GIRLS Students Graduates
INT-B 18-23 BOYS Students Graduates

Sponsorship Benefits:
A self-initiated project by CSC.

Festival Marketing:
Social media

Media Coverage:
Suddi TV & Digvijay TV (Kannada TV Channels)

‘CSC Food Festival 2017’

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