How safe is the student in the Student Housing?

For the safety of our students we have 24 hours Housing Wardens along with round the clock security guard at the door step. We also have the night supervisor patrolling throughout night and there is a regular patrolling by the area police.

What action is taken when the student is sick?

Our Student Housing is first of its kind to initiate compulsory Cashless Medi-Claim to cover the medical expenses of the students. Our vehicles are 24/7 available for any medical emergency. We have tie ups with leading Hospitals of the City.

How students commute to & fro Student Housing to college?

For distant Student Housing we have arranged free bus facility. We also have complimentary to & fro pick and drop facility to Railway Station, Bus Terminals and Airport Bus Terminals.

What kind of food is served in the Student Housing?

We serve hygienic & nutritious pure vegetarian meals for our students, the Dinning caters to all the food & nutritional requirements of the students and the menu for all meal sessions is changed regularly to provide variety and wholesome nourishment.

Can the Student Housing fee paid in installment ?

For the convenience of the parents we allow the payment of the Student Housing fees in installment. If it is not paid within the given time frame, late payment charges has to be paid. Student Housing facility is provided for a minimum period of one academic year. No request for the refund is been entertained during the first academic year.

Can my child leave the housing/hostel before the completion of the academic year?

As per the policy of the organization, it is mandatory for the resident to stay in the hostel for a minimum period of an academic year. A resident is permitted to vacate the hostel in between only after the payment of the fee for the entire year.

How disciplined are our students at the Student Housing?

We have fixed in and out timing for Weekdays & Weekends. Prior permission has to be taken for the late night entry & night out.

Will I have net connectivity in my room?

All the Student Housing are Wi-Fi friendly and sage of internet in housing is to enhance the accessibility of internet for academic purposes. Access to Wireless internet is only an extended service and neither students nor anyone who is residing in the housing campus can demand the service.

What is the booking amount to reserve a bed?

Security deposit & establishment fee is charged as booking amount.

Will a student have to pay GST over to the annual hostel fee?

No, the fee is all inclusive.

What is an establishment fee?

Establishment fee is a one-time non-refundable administrative fee charged at the time of enrolment.

Is the booking amount refunded incase a student is not willing to avail the hostel facility?

Only the security deposit is refunded and the establishment fee will be forfeited. Intimation for the same has to be given within one week from the date of payment/registration.

What is the refund policy if a student is likely to discontinue the hostel soon after the commencement of the course?

The student has to submit the application for discontinuation within a week’s timefrom the date of the issue of the allotment letter. The refund will be processed within two-three months of time after deducting the establishment fee.

What happens when the student leaves the hostel before completing a year?

A student has to stay for at least an academic year. In case they leave in mid-session they will have to remit the payment for the entire session.

What is the procedure to vacate the hostel?

The student will have to clear all their outstanding dues and obtain NOC from the office.

How long do we take to refund the security deposit?

The security deposit will be refunded after the remittance of full payment for the academic year. The application for refund shall be processed in the month of July / August every year.

Is the hostel campus ragging free?

Yes, the campus is absolutely ragging free and any kind of ragging or bullying is not tolerated.

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