Cancellation & Refunds

Cancellation & Refunds

A student is expected to stay in the Student Housing till the completion of the academic year, and they cannot leave the Housing Campus in begining or mid of the session. In exceptional circumstances, other than disciplinary cases, one month notice is necessary in case a student desires to vacate the Housing Campus.

The students can leave the Housing Campus only after they clear all the dues and fee for the entire academic year prior to leaving.

The Fee paid is non refundable & non Transferable.

Is the booking amount refunded incase a student is not willing to avail the hostel facility?

Only the security deposit is refunded and the establishment fee will be forfeited. Intimation for the same has to be given within one week from the date of payment/registration.

What is the refund policy if a student is likely to discontinue the hostel soon after the commencement of the course?

The student has to submit the application for discontinuation within a week’s time from the date of the issue of the allotment letter. The refund will be processed within two-three months of time after deducting the establishment fee.

What happens when the student leaves the hostel before completing a year?

A student has to stay for at least an academic year. In case they leave in begining or mid of session they will have to remit the payment for the entire session.

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